Flycraft is the second video game we took part in and were involved both in the audio-music and the artwork department. Developed by Harry Kalogirou – nlogn Games, Flycraft is a sandbox type game which triggers your imagination to build any flying machine you can come up with using various building blocks. Herbie, the hero of the game, is a cute little ladybug who wants to cover the greatest distance possible with your flying machines.

The game started in October 2012 as an one-month marathon for the Ludum Dare October Challenge but grew up to be much more than this. It was awarded “Game of the year 2012” by and has received very positive feedback by users and press.

Apart from the music and sounds that we recorded, a big challenge for the game was the creation of all the artwork elements, requiring tons of little items, buttons and user-interface elements.

For the music in the game we wanted to create something really groovy and club-friendly. We decided with Harry that Herbie will be moving his head to the beat inside the menu of the game and thus portraying a chilled out character (despite his hugely open anxious eyes…) The music got divided into two parts, the crafting stage and the flying stage. To us this felt a bit like the “out-of-the-dance-club” and the “into-the-club” stages and this is how we developed the themes.

For the sound effects, we had lots of fun exploring new gadgets and tricks into making the required sounds. We absolutely love the clicking sound of the item-rotation wheel which came from a simple watch. Such a tiny sound but so reassuring to hear it click. Other items used were a bike horn, a burning gas fire, lighters and matches, wooden planks, steal beams, boxes thrown at stairs and more. Finally, our space-cat Batman and Thanasis emptied lots of beers and sodas into the bath while trying to get a good soda-opening sound for the soda boost. The resulting sound, although lasting less than a second, comprises of seven different recordings mixed with each other.