Pop Corny was our first entry into the exciting world of video games. We were responsible for the music, sound design and some of the game’s concept-art. Developed by Harry Kalogirou, Pop Corny is a fun casual game about a little yellow monster called “Mr. Corny” who is obsessed with eating pop corn.

The player helps Mr. Corny by shooting an endless array of corn seeds that appear randomly and with increasing speed into the screen. Shooting the seeds they turn into delicious pop corn for him to devour. The game features simple one-touch/sling-like control and can become seriously addictive as the levels progress. There is an virtual shop inside the game where the player can purchase upgrades, bombs, shields and more.

The game has received tons of positive feedback and is available for various smartphone platforms. Harry keeps adding new themes to Pop Corny with new levels such as the “Corn Fields” and the “Holy Night” ones.

Regarding the music theme of the game we wanted to create something that would have the feel of pop corns popping and that is why we chose to use many pizzicato instruments and sharp latin percussion. We also added bass brass instruments for the melodies to add a “buttery” feel to the rest of the sharpness. Kind of like adding real butter inside the corns in the pot. It was also really important that the theme would loop endlessly without tiring the ears of the player since this is an endless-type game and some hardcore players may survive for long playing sessions.

The music also required a stressful theme which needed to be able to cut into the action without disrupting the main theme’s scales and feel. In addition as the game progressed and evolved, we developed 2 more themes for the new levels in the Corn Fields and in the Holy Night. We also put together a dance remix just for fun.

For the sound effects design, we obviously had to record lots of pop corns popping but the greatest challenge was to find the best munching-crunching sounds while Thanasis devoured them next to the microphone. Thanasis also did all sort of silly sounds for the voice of the little monster Mr. Corny for when he was being hit by the corn and more. Another highlight of the sound design session was the sound of the pop corn bags that burst open revealing a multitude of bonus pop corns. For that, we burst open a number of bags but found that the best sound came from some mini-croissants. Batman, our space-cat, was very happy that day in the studio.

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